My life has always revolved around loving and taking care of animals. When I was a little girl, I grew up on a farm outside of Amity, OR. My mother would constantly catch me playing under the barn with the family dogs, getting filthy playing with the pigs (I, of course, named every single one), or laying in the field with the cows. When we had to move into the city, I joined a 4 H group for Cavies (guinea pigs) and have had numerous cute little squeaky furballs be a part of my life. Since we did live in a small town, the neighbors all saw my passion for animals and would have me take care of their fur kids when they went on vacation(s). I never imaged at 8 years old that I would have a career around something I was so passionate about.

In 2011, I started volunteering at the Willamette Humane Society walking dogs. Throughout the year I was there, I also helped with charitable events and was able to raise around $1,000 for their nonprofit organization. During this time I also created a profile via various pet sitting websites and started pet sitting/dog walking as an independent contractor. As my clientele grew, seeing how suitable I was for the job, I desired more education.

In 2015 I began my dog training certification at Animal Behavior College (ABC). ABC is approved by the Bureau for Private Post-secondary and Vocational Education and is an internationally recognized school. My year long commitment to this program has provided me with a formal education in canine obedience training and understanding behavior and its motives. My certification, education and experience provide me the skills required to effectively and humanely train your dog while keeping alive the spark that makes your dog so special to you. During my training I became Pet CPR Certified, had over 20+ hours under the guidance of a mentor trainer, and I also got the joy of volunteering at the Pixie Project clicker training dogs to become more adoptable.

As a certified dog trainer and owner of EC Petcare, I will always make sure your animal is safe, give educated suggestions to help with certain behavior issues, and use my education/experience to make sure you and your fur baby are 100% satisfied.


Animal Behavior


Owner | Dog Trainer    

Pet Care Specialist 

Ellaree C.

I am a public health professional who enjoys caring for all manner of creatures in my spare time. I was born and raised in Portland, though my work takes me all over the world. I started volunteering at shelters 15 years ago and have been doing private pet sitting for family and friends for the last 10 years. I have experience caring for a wide variety of furry, scaly, and many-legged friends, as well as a wealth of personal experience loving animals with a wide variety of personalities and needs. I am certified in pet first aid, and CPR, so I am well-prepared to care for your pets no matter the situation.

At home I have two male cats that I adopted a year and a half ago, Binx & Bentley, as well as a Chilean Rose Hair tarantula named Persephone that I have had for 8 years. I grew up with dogs, cats, rats, and many frogs. I have a special fondness for vocal animals, and cuddlers. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your fuzzy friends!




Devon W.

Pet Care Specialist


I am a native Oregonian, born and raised in Ashland. I inherited the gene for bonding with animals from my Dad and Grandpa. I got my first pony when I was 4 years old and it just carried throughout my life, being around animals and loving every minute of it. I grew up on a farm with horses, cows, sheep, pygmy goats and a border collie. Equestrian was my sport growing up. I entered horse shows doing Dressage and Show Jumping. Horses were my life. 


While at college, I volunteered at Equine Rescue & Sanctuary in New York, helping the owner take care of rescued horses. There I faced one of the most difficult jobs – handling horses, donkeys and mules that suffered from animal cruelty – abuse, neglect and abandonment. I loved the position there very much because I was able to be around animals that really needed positive human attention. 


I have continued doing animal care, on and off, since college. My calming energy seems to be a hit with many pets. I volunteered at an Animal Shelter to walk dogs. And I have always been available to do pet sitting for many friends and for those referred by friends. In 2012, I became an independent contractor and started working for a pet sitting/dog walking company here in Portland. I will continue to work for them, and I am excited to add EC Petcare to my family. 


I have two purr boys at home, Lazar and Xerxes. They are Siberian cats, with dog-like personalities. Lazar turns my STUBBORN dog-lover friends (who swear they hate cats) into cat-lovers.




Carrie B.

Pet Care Specialist


I've always loved and been surrounded by animals.  Some of my first animal memories were of my mother letting me choose my own kitten from a ready to be adopted litter; I chose an incredibly original name, Spot! 

Since that time, I have had dogs, cats, rabbits, a couple of Guinea Pigs, and even a bird. I have enjoyed the uniqueness of them all, but my first love has always been dogs.


I currently have two Boston Terriers, Poppy and Riley.  While I enjoy their characteristics, having an active boarding and walking business allows me to see all breeds and sizes. 

Not only have I been watching dogs for over 10 years, both dog sitting and boarding in my home, in continuing my love for dogs and growing business, I have enrolled with Animal Behavioral College to become a certified Dog Trainer.  I am also certified for canine and feline First Aid and pet CPR. 

I look forward to taking care of your pet's needs!




Langdon P.

Pet Care Specialist

Dog Trainer in Training


I grew up in a family full of kids and pets. I’m a born nurturer, I took care of my siblings and all our animals. I no longer have all those kids and animals (one daughter and one dog now) so I’ve found dog walking and pet drop in visits fill my need to care for other beings. I’ve taken care of a tiny Chihuahua who’s afraid of his own shadow to a gigantic Great Dane who thinks he’s a lap dog. I recently had the pleasure of caring for a pig, so much fun and a real learning experience.


It is my great pleasure to spend my day making sure client’s pets get the exercise and love they need. Their well being is always my top priority.


When I’m away from work I love to travel with my family, watch my daughter play volleyball and take my 10 year old pretty pittie, Chloe for walks.




Kelli L.

Pet Care Specialist


My roots are planted in Southeast Portland. I was born and raised here, I still live here, and I have no plans on living anywhere else anytime soon! When I was growing up we were strictly a feline home only. Which was okay with me at the time. I hadn't yet discovered how fun dogs are! I can remember the exact moment when I fell in love with dogs/Pugs. I was 16 and met a Pug puppy named Olive Oyl. That wonderful little dog had opened my eyes to an entire new world and made me wonder: "How have I survived without this stunning species for so long??"


My boyfriend, Tabor, and I are parents to a little white Chihuahua named Roxie, and 2 kitties named Dazey and Violet. We adopted Roxie from Oregon Dog Rescue 2 years ago and just celebrated her 2nd "gotcha day" anniversary! She's around 10 years old, completely toothless, and is the sweetest most adorable little girl ever. Dazey is 16 and Violet is 12. Violet is the stereotypical little sister, annoying big sister Dazey as often as she can. But in their own odd way, they love each other. My first dog was a black Pug named Rainie. I was 22 and Rainie was 6. I adopted her from Pacific Pug Rescue. A reputable nonprofit organization based out of Portland Oregon. My Rainie Lane and I had 9 1/2 extraordinary years together. Full of love, happiness and sweet memorable moments. 


Since 2007 up until March of this year I had worked as a dog handler in doggie daycare. I am very grateful for everything that I have learned through this line of work. From learning to calm a timid and homesick boarder, to being able to get dogs to swallow their meds, and to finding little tricks that help to get a dog on a hunger strike to eat. I have managed a group of 40 dogs solo, and up to a group of 100 dogs with 2 other handlers. No day, obviously, is ever the same in doggie daycare. It can take just 1 dog to change the entire dynamic of the group. For better or for worse. Major holidays were always the busiest. Giving me the opportunity to learn how to multitask like a master. Keeping track of dog meds, allergy dogs, food aggression, and the "social" eaters. Out in the yard it's best to be ready for anything. Breaking up dog fights, and the absolutely terrifying scenario of a dog getting tangled in another dogs' collar. I've seen it all. But most importantly, I've learned how to end these types of situations quickly and successfully.


After over a decade of the fast-paced world of doggie daycare, I now have the luxury of spending time with animals in a home setting. Caring for dogs and cats is such fulfilling work. Having the ability to build genuine relationships witha pet and their parents. I'm so thankful that I get to do this for a living.




Megan B.

Pet Care Specialist


“Ellaree has been working with my dog Jesse for close to six months now and he is a whole new dog! Ellaree is a wonderful communicator and very reliable. Also if Jesse is acting out I can call her and she has a number of suggestions. As a brand new dog owner her guidance has been very helpful. Ellaree has also dog sat for Jesse in my home and this was extremely helpful.”

Michelle M.

“This girl works so hard with our somewhat problematic fur babies! Ellaree has pet sat, trained, and walked my dogs for me for over a year now. I couldn't be happier, she loves them as much as we do. Thank you for all you do!!”

Delphia S.

“Ellaree is absolutely fantastic. When we are out of town, she takes care of our nearly 11 year old cat, Icarus, and it has made a huge difference for my husband and I when we travel. Ellaree spends time playing with Icarus and giving him the attention he needs, as well as the basics with food and litter, and has proven to be 100% reliable and great to work with. Icarus doesn't take to everyone, and the fact that he loves Ellaree should be a sign that she is great with animals. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing animal care.”

Grace Schuessler

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