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Dog Walking

Did you know that lack of exercise can create behavior problems within your dog? Separation anxiety, chewing, excessive licking, going potty inside the home, plus more. Exercise not only gets them out of the house and lets them enjoy the fresh air, they get mental stimulation, able to explore, sniff, and get some fun during your work day!


Feel at ease knowing our experienced professionals are taking extra care during the walk by paying attention to our surroundings, walking as fast or as slow as Fido needs, all while giving them the love and adventure they deserve. 


Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 4:30pm

30 Minute Walk - $25

45 Minute Walk - $30


60 Minute Walk - $39


Each additional dog in household

(Walked at same time) + $5

After 5pm And Weekends + $5


Dog Walking with training is available for additional fee depending on the behavior or cue that needs to be worked on.


$10 additional service fee for holidays.*

Dog Walking W/ Training

Does your dog need  extra help and you'd like a professional, force free, positive reward based trainer to lend you a paw? We would love to help you and your pup learn some basic commands and manage some undesirable behaviors! Some of these include:

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Dog reactivity

  • Sitting/Staying

  • Heal

  • Focus

  • Leave it/Take it

  • Confidence Building

  • Jumping

  • Leash Grabbing

  • Plus much more! 

Each dog is different, we will assess your pup to give you our best evaluation and listen to the behaviors you'd like us to work on. Setting the dog up to succeed, consistency, and fun will give you a happy and well behaved pup!

These sessions are one on one with a force free trainer and the pup with a brief recap after each walk with pet parent. Please note, these are not direct training sessions. If you'd like a more detailed session, please choose the 1 hr In Home Session.

Taking the dog for a walk

Monday - Friday

9:30am - 4:30pm

30 Minute Walk 'n Train - $35


45 Minute Walk 'n Train - $45

After 5pm And Weekends + $5


$10 additional service fee for holidays.*

Doggy Day Adventure        *limited availability*

Want to give your dog a little more stimulation and some extended amount of fun? Let our experienced pet care providers give Fido that extra activity and learning he/she needs! This adventure is sure to wear out your pup, while giving them their favorite thing - to be a dog! Sniffs, exercise, play, and even socialization. If you aren't comfortable having them off leash, that's OK! We have 20 ft and 30 ft long leads that let's them explore and play just the same.



  • Pick-up and Drop-off

  • One or Two hours of adventuring in an off leash dog park, trail, or private area with a bonded & insured pet provider.

  • Off-leash recall practice (coming when called)

  • Reinforcement of desirable behaviors (sit, down, come, drop it, leave it, etc)

  • Management of undesirable behavior (jumping up, resource guarding, leash reactivity, mouthiness, bullying, mounting, etc)

  • Treats if allowed (we cater to allergies)

  • Towel dry and clean paws

  • Photos and videos of your dog's fun

  • No more than three dogs per professional

  • A happy and tired pup

Playing Catch

1 Hour For One Dog - $55


2 Hours For One Dog - $75

Second Dog Is 50% Off

After 5pm And Weekends + $5

Portland Metro Area

Pet Sitting

Planning a family vacation? Need to go out of town for a business trip? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Our dedicated insured pet care professionals will keep your mind at ease while you’re away by staying in your home with your pet(s) to provide the best care possible. Animals are more comfortable with their familiar surroundings, less stress and worry, and get one on one focused attention. Kennels or daycare can cause illness, discomfort, anxiety, and have inexperienced providers. Having a sitter in your home also protects and eliminates "away from home" signals. We will water plants, collect mail, take cans to the curb, etc. and of course send plenty of pictures and updates of your furry family member. We are familiar with all pets; dogs, cats, chickens, goats, rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and are comfortable administering medication - at no extra fee. 

Overnight Stay In Your Home
7 PM - 7:30 AM

$75 a Night 

For One Pet

Puppies Under 8 Months Additional $25 A Night


Each additional dog:


Cats, caged animals, etc. are no additional charge.

$10 additional service fee for holidays.*

Lazy Brown Dog

Hours are from 7pm - 7:30am however, you can modify with additional visits to fit your specific needs with an additional cost. Overnight Care includes a thirty min walk.

Middays are available for an additional $30 for a 45 min walk/visit.

*Please note: We will not leave your dog unattended for longer than 8 hrs If you don't have a friend/family member coming to do the midday visit, one would be required.

Extended Stay

$150 A Day

Each additional dog: $25

Puppies Under 8 Months Additional $25 A Night

Services starting after 3 pm on the first day of the stay and service ending before 12pm on the last day of the stay are half off.

Rescue Puppy

Provider will not leave your home longer than 6 hrs throughout the day, with no more than 4 hrs continuous. Great for puppies, separation anxiety, older pets, health risk pets, etc.

Cat and Dog
Drop In Visit​

All Pets

20 min - $22

40 min - $30

60 min - $40

$10 additional service fee for holidays.*

Services will be customized for your particular needs; walking, play, potty breaks, mail, watering plants, litterbox, trash, medication, feeding, etc.

Day Sitting

In Client's Home

2 hr minimum

$37 for the first hour

+$20 ea additonal hour

$135 - full day

Each additional dog:


+$25 for puppies under 8 months

Perfect for pets who need some extra care. A provider will stay in your home while you go run errands, have a date, go to an appointment, or just simply want some you time.

Other Services

Private Training In Your Home

Let’s face it, nobody is perfect, and that’s ok. Sometimes we need a little help and education to get us on the right track. This includes your fur babies! Whether it’s basic obedience training (sit, stay, off, leave it, etc) or major problems like fence aggression, leash manners, separation anxiety; we will find the solution by using a safe and positive training method that works for you and your pup.



  • One hour of in-home private training with a licensed, certified and insured rewards-based dog trainer

  • Notes from the training session with recommended homework

  • Training methods include:

  • Positive Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior

  • Force-Free

  • Management Techniques (physical stimulation - exercise, mental stimulation - interactive toys, adjusting the dogs environment - removing unacceptable objects from the dogs reach)

  • Clicker training (marking a wanted action with a "clicker")

  • Management of the Problem and Setting the Dog Up To Succeed

  • Consistency

  • Fun!

Dog Collar

New Clients require a 90 min consult session - $145

After first session

One Hour For One Dog - $90

Pet Taxi

Do you need help getting your pet to their grooming appointment? Picked up from the vet, transported to the airport, or just getting from a friend’s house? No problem! All of our professionals have a clean driving record and can safely transport your pet to where he/she needs to be.

Border Collie with a Bone

One Way - $30

Round Trip - $60

A mileage fee may be applied for any special request (airport transfers and such).

Within a 10 mile radius of your home.


“Ellaree sat for my two cats recently and was fabulous. She dealt with my old cat's special needs (extra litter box work, brushing, etc.) and my young cat's shyness wonderfully. She sent me pics every day and everything was in order when we got home. I am so happy to know that next time we go away we can again have peace of mind about the pets. I checked Ellaree's references and both gave stellar recommendations. She is also a lovely, high-energy person. I will definitely hire her again and have already recommended to a friend.”

Cathy F.

“EC Petcare is a life saver! I needed a sitter last minute and they were able to come take care of my two dogs and cat for a few days. Their communication was fantastic, always sent pictures, and even gave me some great advice on training our recent new addition, a 4 month old puppy. Thanks for everything!”

Abby W.

“EC Petcare helped watch my kitty for about a week. She came by the house daily, brushed her, cuddled, played, and cleaned the litter box daily. I'd definitely hire again!”

Rose S.

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